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1. Introduce respects and is dedicated to protecting the privacy of its users. This Privacy Policy is intended to address what personally identifiable information (hereinafter referred to as “Data”) may be collected by us.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to participants that we do not control or who are not employees, agents of us, or within our control.

Please take a moment to carefully read the  Terms of Use to better understand the allowed and disallowed behaviors of the website.

2. Data collection

Contacting us requires only a valid e-mail address, a user ID and a password. Whether or not you provide us with other information is up to you.

Please note that the user ID, e-mail, or other information you provide may contain your real name or other personally identifiable information and may therefore appear on the website. Like many other websites, we may automatically record general information contained in files on our servers such as your IP address or cookie information.

3. Use data

We may use the Data to customize and improve to better serve you. We will endeavor to keep your Data from being exploited by third parties, except in the following cases:

As otherwise specified in this Privacy Policy;
We get your consent, such as agreeing to or terminating data sharing;
A service provided by our website requires interaction with a third party or is provided by a third party; Pursuant to law enforcement or legal processes;
We find that your use of this website violates the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use or other usage guidelines set forth by us to protect your legitimate rights and/or property;
This Website was purchased by a third party and they continue to use the Data in the manner we set forth in this Privacy Policy .

In the event that you use the links on our site to access other websites, please carefully read the privacy policies on those websites. With some services requires users to register information. We may use this information to send you support notices about products and services via email or postal mail.

In the event that you subscribe to value-added services provided by third parties, such information may be shared with customers (Sponsors) so that they can send information or promotions to users in connection with the services and you have subscribed to.


We may use email addresses and postal mail to conduct investigations (For example, notice of service changes on, notice of promotions or actions. other humanitarian and social actions). We maintain a “No Spam” policy and do not share, sell or otherwise expose your email to third parties without your consent.

If you agree to receive communications about third-party programs and services when you sign up, you will be able to receive communications via email or postal mail from these sponsoring carriers. .

4. Cookies

Like many other websites, we set and use cookies to improve your experience, as well as maintain your personal settings… Our website may display advertising, and in that case there may be advertising. may set and access cookies on your computer and are subject to the privacy policies of the advertising providers.

However, advertising companies must not access our cookies. Those companies often use their own scripts to track your visits to our website.

What are cookies?

During your visit to, or its sponsors may send “cookies” to your computer. A cookie is a small piece of information sent to an Internet browser from a server and stored on the hard drive.

Cookies cannot read the information on your hard drive or the information of cookies sent by other Web sites. Cookies are harmless to your system. We use Cookies to track the pages on the website that you have visited, and on your next visit you will access those pages faster.

Our sponsors also use cookies to be sure of your visits to their banners on Sponsors can use this information to change the advertising policies on to achieve the best results for their programs (Based on the page with the highest number of visitors to set the banner is 1. for example). You have complete choice whether to allow cookies to change information about your browser.

You can also choose to refuse all incoming cookies. If you choose to do so, some features of, as well as other websites, will not work properly.

5. Edit or delete account information offers the ability to edit information in your personal account through your own personal configuration page. You can request deletion of your account by contacting the administrator. Content or data that you have provided to us that is not in your personal account, such as articles (posts) on the website, may continue to reside on our website even if your account Yours has been deleted. Please read the Terms of Use carefully for more information.

6. Change terms

We may change the terms of this Privacy Policy to suit the actual conditions. We will notify you of major changes by placing a notice on our website or sending an email to the e-mail address you have provided and set in your user settings.

7. Disclaimer of guarantee

While the Privacy Policy sets standards for Data and we do our best to meet them, we are not obligated to maintain those standards. There may be factors beyond our control that may lead to Data being disclosed. Therefore, we are not responsible for ensuring that the Data is maintained in perfect condition or not disclosed at all times.

8. Your agreement

When using’s services, you implicitly accept the terms of this Privacy Policy. For more information, please contact us at [email protected] We operate completely within the framework of Vietnamese laws and commit to comply with the laws of the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The above terms are consistent with applicable laws and ensure the best interests of service users.

9. Contact Info

If you have questions about the Privacy Policy, please contact with the administrator.

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